Jürgen Bruns is artistic director of Kammersymphonie Berlin and was until 2016 the chief conductor of KOS Ljubljana, the Orchestra of Slovenian Composers and ECCO (European Composers Community Orchestra).

With his extensive repertory Jürgen Bruns is often invited as guest conductor to orchestras all over Europe. He conducted more than 80 world premieres in recent years and his interpretations of the classical and romantic repertoire have been praised highly.

Jürgen BrunsJürgen Bruns is renowned mostly for his performances and recordings of re-discovered compositions of classical modernism and ostracised music of the early 20th century. Working with these compositions has become a matter near to his heart, especially as a German conductor of the younger generation.

Jürgen Bruns is held in high esteem for his conceptual concert programming and for his cooperation with other art forms such as theatre, video, dance and literature.

Jürgen Bruns has received several times the sponsorship prize of the Ernst-von-Siemens Music Foundation and won a scholarship of the Music Academy Rheinsberg and the federal state of Brandenburg. He was also awarded by the IMFC for his interpretations of works by Janacek.

Jürgen BrunsJürgen Bruns started to learn several instruments and gave his first solo performance with orchestras at the age of nine. He then studied violin at the "Hanns Eisler" Academy of Music Berlin and in 1988 became a member of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin while still a student. At the same time he took up conducting classes with Professor Rolf Reuter in Berlin and complemented them through studies with Gilbert Varga in Florence and Charles Bruck in Paris as well as at the "Pierre Monteux School" in Maine (USA) from 1991 - 1992.

In order to devote his time more intensely to conducting, he gave up his position at the Konzerthausorchster in 1991. Since then Jürgen Bruns has developed an active conducting career at orchestras, operas and choirs in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Korea, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Poland, France, Austria, Norway and Germany. Also in 1991, Jürgen Bruns founded the Kammersymphonie Berlin, which has since become one of the most renowned German chamber orchestras. The main focus of the ensemble is on classical modern music and works by composers ostracized by Nazi Germany.

Jürgen Bruns is regularly invited to festivals such as the Festival International de Musique Sion, the Kurt-Weill-Fest Dessau, the Usedom Musikfestival, Dresdener Musikfestspiele, the Carinthian Summer and the Ravello Festival. He cooperates often with famous theatre directors such as the late Peter Zadek, for whose stagings he was several times musical director.

An important aspect of his work as conductor is his busy recording schedule. Jürgen Bruns has so far conducted more than 100 works for CD (for labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, EDA, Signum, Quadriga, Naxos, Capriccio, Hännsler Classics, Sony) as well as film and radio recordings, many of which were first recordings. From 2006 to 2009, Jürgen Bruns functioned as artistic director of the CD series "Club 100" at Deutsche Grammophon/Universal.